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Are you ready to really launch your life? Do you want to look good, feel good, be more attractive and successful? Get on track? Then this is the program for you.

The BodyMind Personal Improvement Program motivates people to be connected physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually with a plan of action. Reach your full potential by identifying life design and redirection goals as a part of your personal BodyMind assessment and program.

The Traditional Conditioned Approach to Winning Needs an Update
Our conditioned approach to winning is to wind the spring even tighter as we force ourselves to work harder and endure longer hours. As a consequence, our bodies develop kinks and cramp in unnatural ways as our minds grind in a tunnel vision that sees no possibility except having to move faster, faster, faster in a world where there is never enough time.

The BodyMind Personal Improvement Program works to change all of that - coming from the view that your body and mind are inextricably linked in a total system where changing any facet of the system results in change throughout the system.

How is This Approach Different from Simple Massage?
To loosen the hold of old patterns of thinking and to free yourself to think in new and open ways, BodyMind coaching concentrates on clearing the blocks in the Body as a catalytic avenue to shifting the mood of the Mind towards new possibilities for innovative action.

The BodyMind Personal Improvement Program focuses on having you "embody" what you know. It provides a proven path to achieve the behavioral follow-through to make healthy practices an on-going reality in your daily living and equips you with the support structure to design and sustain the remarkable quality of life that you have always deserved.

Through the tailored combination of carefully selected massage therapies with inquiry tailored to your goals and challenges, the feeling of enhanced bodily flexibility and renewed energy can be harnessed with increased mental agility and creativity for entirely new action targeted at breakthrough results.

How does this work?
Your BodyMind coach is a certified massage therapist highly skilled in helping you learn to harness the dynamic connection between your body and mind. You and your coach will work together to determine a plan of action with both parties accountable for due dates, regular reassessment and follow up appointments.

The first appointment generally begins with the coach asking what prompted you to visit The Relaxation Center, followed by an in-depth review of your current physical condition, medical history, if necessary, and a review of your stress level and any areas of pain. You will be invited to share your health goals, as well as life challenges, so that a long term approach may be considered. Once we finish our discussion and jointly make some decisions, we will move on to your massage – personalized to meet your needs.

Each succeeding scheduled appointment will include review and update of the assessment from our first meeting as well as a massage session – all designed to continue you on your path to being the best you.

Call or email about how to get started or make your first appointment.

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